About Us

Here at Olive Tree Development Centre (OTDC), we provide therapy and intervention services to children of diverse needs and abilities. Using a multidisciplinary approach that is evidence-based and personalised, our team of dedicated professionals aim to transform the learning and enrich the lives of our children and families with us.

Chiu Loo Kwong - Director and Founder
Dr. Tan Siew Pin — Clinical Director and Paediatrician

Why Olive Tree?

Every child has an invisible potential that is yet to be discovered. We believe that they just need the right kind of support to develop their strengths and abilities. We are confident that our intervention programmes and services will provide the necessary environment and tools to help your child discover their potential.

As a team, we receive training and better ourselves on a regular basis to ensure that we provide quality service to each family, every time. Our passion to serve is not confined to the walls of our center. We always try to extend our reach to the community, where we aim to create reefs of support for both you and your children.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Dax Conde

Senior Intervention Specialist

Lau Cheng Ling

Senior Educational Therapist

Roxan Reyes

Senior Intervention Specialist

Eunice Huang

Educational Therapist

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What Our Students Have to Say

Jonathan joined Olive Tree in Sep 2019 at 4+ years old. One year later he is reading and writing and has improved his self regulation alot. Very importantly also, he looks forward to go to Olive Tree and I believe the teachers all are very caring and warm. A big thank you to all at Olive Tree!
Parents of Jonathan
From Singapore
We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Team Olive Tree for their hard work and dedication towards Rauf’s development. We have seen his progress at home and school; he has also taken a keen interest in attending lessons in Olive Tree and interacting with his teachers and classmates. Thank you to Rauf’s teachers and the whole team for bringing about many positive changes in Rauf.
Parents of Rauf
From Singapore
We really appreciate all the teachers in Olive Tree in helping Phoebe get back on track. Thank you for creating a fun and safe educational environment for Phoebe. She really enjoys going to school so much more compared to last time. Shout out to Teacher Ling and Teacher Joy. Thanks for showing so much love and care to Phoebe.
Mother of Phoebe
From Singapore
The teachers at Olive Tree are always accommodating and caring. Special thanks to Teacher Dax, Teacher Ling and Teacher Rox who have been teaching my Son a long time and who have witnessed his development all these years. Thanks to Teacher Kathy as well who is helping Jaime with his communication skills. Of course, big thanks also to Mr. Chiu who always shows concern and care for the kids as well as their parents.
Mother of Jaime
From Philippines