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Our early intervention team has developed training programmes that will support parents and caregivers by teaching strategies that are useful during follow-through activities. We also offer a range of Professional Development training catered to educators in the field to enhance their knowledge in the area of children with special needs.

Actionable Training

These training workshops will help in better equipping the children with skills they would need in various settings.

Interesting Quizzes

Test your knowledge after finishing the training. Think you got what it takes to pass the test?

Materials and Activities

Our webinars usually provide suggested activities and easy to produce materials that can aid your child's learning.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Jonathan joined Olive Tree in Sep 2019 at 4+ years old. One year later he is reading and writing and has improved his self regulation alot. Very importantly also, he looks forward to go to Olive Tree and I believe the teachers all are very caring and warm. A big thank you to all at Olive Tree!
Parents of Jonathan
From Singapore
Our son Daaron joined Olive Tree when he was around 18 months old. He used to cry a lot when we first joined him. But now Daaron is 2 years old and we are happy with how far he has progressed so far. We are glad that we put out trust in our therapists who have put a lot of effort to help Daaron to get used to their classroom routine. Now Daaron is happy and more independent. Thanks to Olive Tree team, the teachers and the therapists.
Mother of Daaron
From India
Caleb was seen at Olive Tree in July 2020 after we have noticed Caleb’s attentiveness, lack of engagement and after confirmation from his pedia of suspected autism. Olive tree relieved Caleb immediately and started his therapies. After 4 months with olive tree he has developed good eye contact and is more attentive. He also doesn’t react adversely to textures as before. He also developed self help skills in a short span of time. We are very glad that God has led us to olive tree. Not only are the teachers and therapists very well trained and experienced, they are very warm, caring and loving. I am assured that we have a great EIP team supporting us and is determined to help Caleb become the best he can be.
Mother of Caleb
From Philippines
We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Team Olive Tree for their hard work and dedication towards Rauf’s development. We have seen his progress at home and school; he has also taken a keen interest in attending lessons in Olive Tree and interacting with his teachers and classmates. Thank you to Rauf’s teachers and the whole team for bringing about many positive changes in Rauf.
Parents of Rauf
From Singapore